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An Interview with Adrian Bai

Journey into the Mysteries of Interdimensional Beings: An Interview with Adrian Bai

In the vast tapestry of spirituality, certain enigmas force us to reevaluate our conventional grasp of the cosmos and our place within it. Prime among these is the compelling concept of “Walk-Ins”, a subject that beckons us to delve deeper into the intricacies of souls, their overarching purposes, and the metamorphoses they undergo. This exposition embarks on an enlightening odyssey into the Walk-In phenomenon, gleaning insights from a genuine walk-in, Adrian Bai, and unraveling the delicate dance between myriad dimensions of existence.

The Walk-In Phenomenon: Navigating Interdimensional Pathways

Central to this discourse, Walk-Ins are described as evolved souls that make a grand entrance into human vessels, often replacing the incumbent soul. This ethereal transaction, rather than being arbitrary, is choreographed through spiritual pacts between the exiting and the incoming consciousness. Eschewing the cyclical journey of birth, life, demise, and rebirth emblematic of reincarnation, Walk-Ins chart their own trajectory, bypassing nascent stages to inhabit matured bodies, armed with preordained objectives.

Navigating Existence: Walk-Ins' Impact on the Physical World

Have you ever wondered about the existence of interdimensional beings, consciousness, and the intricate web of energies that surround us? In a fascinating interview, we delve into the world of Adrian, a self-described Frequency From The Source , as he shares insights about his experiences and perspective on the universe. Join us as we explore concepts that challenge our understanding of reality. Adrian, representing a group of 5 interdimensional beings known as “walk-ins,” provides captivating insights into their purpose, existence, and interaction with the human world.

The Nature of Walk-Ins: A Glimpse into Interdimensional Beings

Adrian explains that walk-ins are consciousnesses from various dimensions who incarnate into human bodies. These beings come to Earth to fulfill specific purposes and missions, often contributing to the spiritual evolution of humanity. Adrian and his group of 5 walk-ins work around the globe, connected by their shared purpose and source energy.

The Interaction with Human Experience: A Unique Perspective

Adrian sheds light on how walk-ins interact with human experiences. Their presence can trigger profound transformations in individuals, leading to heightened awareness, spiritual awakening, and expanded consciousness. These interactions often occur subtly, influencing energy frequencies and aiding the spiritual growth of those they connect with.

Throughout the conversation, Adrian reveals the complexities of interdimensional communication. The walk-ins possess the ability to sense each other’s presence across time zones, fostering a sense of connection without physical proximity. While they long to meet one another, the potential consequences of such meetings remain uncertain, hinting at a profound impact on the fabric of reality.


Dolores Cannon's Insight into Walk-Ins

Dolores Cannon, a renowned past-life regressionist Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique , delved deep into the world of reincarnation, UFO encounters, and spiritual phenomena. Her explorations into the realm of Walk-Ins began in the late 20th century.

Cannon’s findings, particularly from her book “The Custodians”, posit that Walk-Ins are advanced souls that come into adult bodies, bypassing the traditional birth and childhood phases. The reason for this, according to Cannon, is often mission-driven. These souls come to Earth to assist with a transformation or to bring about specific changes.

There’s often a mutual agreement between the departing soul and the incoming one. The original soul may want to leave due to various reasons, like trauma or a challenging life situation. The incoming soul, with its mission and purpose, takes over to continue the life and make positive changes.

Other Authors on Walk-Ins

Apart from Dolores Cannon, several other authors have also touched upon the Walk-In phenomenon:

  1. Ruth Montgomery: In her book, “Strangers Among Us,” Montgomery tells the story of Walk-Ins, painting them as enlightened beings who have chosen to incarnate in adult bodies to help humanity transition to a new age. According to Montgomery, many of these Walk-Ins hold influential positions in society, guiding us towards peace and enlightenment.

  2. Alicen Geddes-Ward: An expert in the field of Faerie tradition, Geddes-Ward has often touched upon the subject of soul exchanges and the magical world’s intersection with ours. Her writings suggest that the Walk-In phenomenon might not be restricted to human souls, hinting at the possibility of otherworldly souls also stepping in.

The Source and the Journey to Zero Point

The Interview Biba had with Adrian touches upon the practical effects of walk-ins on the physical world. Adrian shares anecdotes of instances where the heightened energies of walk-ins led to changes in temperature and atmosphere. However, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance to avoid overexerting their human vessels.

The interview takes a deeper dive into the source energy that guides walk-ins. Adrian clarifies that while they hold high frequencies, source energy remains the ultimate wellspring of power. As they navigate their existence, walk-ins move toward a concept known as “zero point,” signifying a unique moment of transition and transformation.

Starseeds, Source, and the Quest for Equilibrium

Adrian’s dialogue with Biba offers a more grounded perspective on how these ethereal phenomena impact our tangible reality. Emphasizing the balance between these potent energies and their human counterparts, the discussion meanders to the ‘source’—the primordial nexus of energy—and its significance in the cosmic dance of Walk-Ins.

Full Interview

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