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Regression Therapy with Biba Logan

Introspective Hypnosis offers a transformative approach to addressing psychosomatic symptoms like sadness, depression, fears, phobias and relationship issues.

It provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to process and release the emotional impact of traumatic experiences. While memories of these events persist, introspective hypnosis focuses on effectively releasing the emotional charge associated with them.

Its methodology is deeply compelling, Individuals  are empowered to confront and process the emotional residues of traumatic experiences. This regression therapy excels by not just revisiting traumatic memories but by focusing on severing the intense emotional ties associated with them. The result is a release of emotional burdens, allowing for genuine healing and emotional restoration. Such a process can dramatically alleviate long-standing phobias and anxieties, fostering a renewed sense of peace and emotional clarity.

Regression is an invaluable asset in the landscape of emotional health therapies. This approach could be especially transformative for individuals who find traditional therapies to be inadequate in addressing their deep-rooted emotional challenging 

This therapy combines various techniques to create a comprehensive healing experience.

What to Expect in Your Regression Session

Intuitive Guidance ​

All Regressions Sessions
are online

 Find a quiet, private space where you won’t be disturbed, allowing you to freely express your emotions. Ensure no friends or family members can listen in or interrupt your session.


Intuitive Guidance ​

Pre-Session Chat
45 min

To prepare effectively and ensure a relaxing and beneficial experience, we start with a preliminary discussion. This is an opportunity to address any questions you might have and to identify key areas for healing. Please think about what your soul needs to heal during this session—consider any symptoms, phobias, unexplained pains, or fears you are experiencing.

Intuitive Guidance ​

During the Session

This method empowers individuals to explore the depths of their subconscious, uncover the origins of their challenges, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and emotional well-being. Through Introspective Hypnosis, clients can navigate the intricate landscapes of their inner world, emerging with heightened clarity, inner peace, and a profound understanding of themselves

Session Details and Booking Process

Preparing for Online

Equipment Needed

A laptop with the camera facing the area where you’ll be lying down. Please avoid using a phone and ensure the device is plugged in.
The camera should capture your entire face and part of your chest. Adjust your device’s position as needed.
Install the Zoom application on your device.
Use headsets with a microphone. This is essential ..

Ensure the microphone is adjustable and positioned near your mouth. Avoid gaming headsets or earbuds, as they affect audio quality. 

Bluetooth headsets may run out of power, so keep them plugged in.
Test your equipment in advance, checking sound settings for the speaker and microphone. A fast internet connection is recommended.

hypnosis online

Preparation for Your Mind of The Journey

Booking Process

To schedule a session, please visit the booking section at the end of this page called “Introspective Hypnosis / Regression” Form. You will be able to select a date and time, and once the form is filled out, you will be prompted to pay

For inquiries or directly schedule an appointment

For any inquiries or to directly schedule an appointment, feel free to contact me via:

Phone: 0857375311    Email:  

By engaging in this service, you’re taking a significant step towards resolving deep-seated issues and fostering a sense of peace and clarity in your life.

In a QHHT session, individuals are guided on a journey through their past lives, parallel lives, and even beyond their birth. They may access the Akashic Records, a repository of all experiences and knowledge from every soul, where they can gain insight into their soul’s journey and the reason for their incarnation. Through exploring parallel lives, individuals can see different versions of themselves and gain a broader perspective on their life experiences. They may also travel back to a time before birth, connecting with the source of their being and the infinite possibilities of the quantum realm.

During this journey, individuals may feel a sense of peace and calm, a deeper connection to their true nature, and a greater understanding of their life purpose. They may also experience emotional healings, releasing old traumas and blockages, and gain a deeper sense of inner peace and understanding.

Client QHHT Session Experience