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Introspective Hypnosis

A Soul Healing Journey with Introspective Hypnosis

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Welcome to the world of Introspective Hypnosis, a transformative therapeutic method rooted in the wisdom of Aurelio Mejía.  Biba received training from Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Trauma Release Hypnotherapy is a healing approach that places utmost importance on recognizing and liberating emotional and psychological traumas. It provides individuals with a safe and supportive space to process and release traumatic experiences that may have left a lingering impact. Through this work, I can help clients remove the emotional charge that often lingers in the aftermath of traumatic events. We may not erase the memory, but we can release the electric current that keeps that memory active and affecting the individual’s life through phobias, anxieties, and unresolved emotions.

By integrating the powerful techniques of introspective hypnosis, my aim is to provide a comprehensive healing experience. This method empowers individuals to explore the depths of their subconscious, uncover the origins of their challenges, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and emotional well-being. Through Introspective Hypnosis, clients can navigate the intricate landscapes of their inner world, emerging with heightened clarity, inner peace, and a deep understanding of themselves.

Introspective Hypnosis encompasses a rich array of therapeutic techniques, including Ericksonian Hypnosis, Forgiveness Therapy, Role Change, Life Regression, Soul Fragmentation recalibration, and Regression to the Womb. Its primary goal is to identify and address unresolved issues at their very source.

This approach is highly adaptable, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and session, all with the ultimate objective of unveiling solutions and facilitating personal growth and healing.

Introspective Hypnosis offers a flexible and extensive pathway toward resolution and overall well-being, guiding you on your journey of “Coming Home.

Quantum Healing Online

Online | 3-4 hours  | €300

Beyond Quantum Healing. This multi-hour session, conducted via Internet offers a full relaxation and immersion experience to explore your consciousness, meet your Highest Self, and find the root cause of any challenge.

Quantum Healing Extension | €200

Exclusive Offer To My Clients : Let’s continue your metaphysical journey with an 2.5-hour session. Unearth profound insights within your soul. Reach out to schedule


My services encompass both online and in-person sessions, each possessing equivalent effectiveness due to the nature of the high-frequency energy work involved, which transcends the limitations of space and time

The Art of Introspective Hypnosis

Trauma Release Hypnotherapy can weave a tapestry of therapeutic techniques to create a comprehensive & healing experience.

Forgiveness Therapy

This technique paves the way for the release of grudges, resentments, and emotional burdens, fostering emotional liberation and inner peace. Forgiveness is essential for your healing

Role Change

Empowering clients to step into different roles or perspectives, gaining fresh insights, and transforming their understanding of past events to reclaim their power and energy

Ericksonian Hypnosis

 Utilizing indirect suggestion and storytelling, this method accesses the subconscious mind, fostering profound exploration and transformation

Life Regression

Introspective Hypnosis takes you on a journey through past lives also other lives regression , aiming to identify and release unresolved issues that may have carried forward into the present.

Soul Fragmentation Recalibration

Delve deep into the healing of fragmented aspects of your soul, reuniting and restoring your wholeness. When trauma happens, we can dissociate from the body, and we need to invite these parts back

Regression to the Womb

Revisit the earliest moments of your life, seeking to identify and release any unresolved issues or traumas from this pivotal stage of life.

Online | 3 – 4  hours  | €300

Introspective Hypnosis sessions are conducted online via Zoom, making them accessible to clients regardless of their location. This digital platform allows us to bridge long distances, offering a comfortable and convenient option for clients.

Preparation for Your Journey

Online Equipment Requirements

A laptop , positioned to have a clear view of the bed where you’ll be lying down. (Please refrain from using a mobile phone). Please ensure your device is plugged in.
– The camera should allow your entire face to be visible throughout the session, even if you need to move or step away briefly.
– Ensure the Zoom application is installed on your device.
– Use a set of headsets with a microphone. (Refer to the image for a sample). The microphone should be adjustable in front of your mouth. Avoid using gaming headsets or earbuds, as they may lead to audio issues when you move.
– Make sure your headsets are plugged in, as Bluetooth headsets can run out of power.
– It’s recommended to test your equipment in advance, including checking sound settings for both the speaker and microphone.
– A stable and fast internet connection is necessary for a smooth session.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis