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Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)


Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a profound modality of spiritual hypnosis, rooted in the principle that true healing originates from within. This technique fosters deep introspection and healing by guiding individuals to reconnect with their soul’s journey and life purpose. Through BQH, you can transcend old patterns, habits, and negative energy, tapping into your eternal soul essence for emotional, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation. It’s akin to QHHT, but offered online for convenience and accessibility.

Online Session
Quantum healing can be done in the most quantum of ways. An online session via your laptop or tablet allows you to connect with me across large distances. Moreover, this eliminates traveling limitations and eases by allowing you to avail of the session in the comfort of your home. We are working with energy on subatomic levels, which means that the healing occurs regardless of distance, time and space. BQH sessions are available Online and in-person & online sessions are done on ZOOM.

Service Overview

Session Structure

Intuitive Guidance ​

Pre-Talk (90 minutes)

The pre-talk is an essential part of the session where we begin with an in-depth interview to discuss the questions you have and the insights you seek. It’s beneficial to prepare a list of questions beforehand, ensuring you’ve covered all areas of concern. During this time, we’ll explore what you are looking to change and learn. We’ll address your concerns, clarify your questions, and I will explain the process in detail. I’ll also answer any remaining questions you have and provide tips to help you easily enter the trance state. This thorough discussion helps create a personalized and effective experience.

Intuitive Guidance ​

Hypnosis (120 minutes)

I will guide you into a relaxed state where you can connect with deeper levels of your consciousness. Here, you can encounter past, parallel, present, or future lives, including the spirit realm.

In this state, you can channel your Higher Self, gaining direct access to the healing and guidance needed to transform your life and have your questions answered.

This natural brain state,  occurs daily as we transition in and out of sleep, making it easily accessible. 

Intuitive Guidance ​

Post-Talk (30 minutes)

You are gently guided out of a trance and returned to consciousness. Once you become consciously aware of your surroundings, we can discuss your journey 

An important part of this process is figuring out how to use what you learned after your session ends. As time passes, it is likely that your memory of the session will fade. I record the Hypnotic part of your session. Each time you listen to the audio, you’ll validate the subconscious impulses and gain new insights. This will be emailed to you within 48 hours after the session.

Preparing for your session

Preparing for your Quantum Healing or BQH session involves a balance of mental readiness and practical exercises. While the only true requirement is to trust the process and yourself, here are some steps that can enhance your experience:

Set an Intention : Affirm that you are connected to and can easily communicate with your Higher Self. Setting a clear intention for the session helps guide the experience.

Leave Expectations Behind: Approach the session without specific expectations about what you will experience. This openness can lead to a more profound and unexpected journey.

Understanding Intentions vs. Expectations Intentions guide your focus and help you align with your desired outcomes, while expectations can set you up for disappointment if they are too rigid. Embrace whatever comes, knowing that you may be fully aware and remember everything from your session. This approach ensures you are open and receptive, ready to receive whatever healing and insights your Higher Self offers.

Preparing for Online

Equipment Needed:
A laptop with the camera facing the area where you’ll be lying down. Please avoid using a phone and ensure the device is plugged in.
The camera should capture your entire face and part of your chest. Adjust your device’s position as needed.
Install the Zoom application on your device.
Use headsets with a microphone. This is essential ..

Ensure the microphone is adjustable and positioned near your mouth. Avoid gaming headsets or earbuds, as they affect audio quality. 

Bluetooth headsets may run out of power, so keep them plugged in.
Test your equipment in advance, checking sound settings for the speaker and microphone. A fast internet connection is recommended.

Location: Find a quiet, private space where you won’t be disturbed, allowing you to freely express your emotions. Ensure no friends or family members can listen in or interrupt your session.

Booking Process

To schedule a session, please visit the booking section at the end of this page  and complete the form called

“Beyond Quantum Healing ONLINE”.

If you can not find a suitable time /day please email me and we will find something suitable 

For inquiries or directly schedule an appointment

For any inquiries or to have a chat , feel free to contact me via:

Phone: 0857375311


Transformative Experience

A Journey Through Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond  Quantum Healing can take individuals on a journey through their past lives, parallel lives, and even prior to their birth. This journey can bring about a greater understanding of their life’s purpose and why they chose to come to earth.

For instance, the person may access the Akashic Records, a spiritual library that holds all experiences and knowledge from every soul throughout time. Here, they may receive information about their soul’s journey and why they chose to come to earth. They may also discover agreements or contracts made with other souls prior to their birth that impact their current life.

The individual may also journey through parallel lives, exploring different versions of themselves and the experiences they’ve had. This can help them gain a broader perspective on their life experiences and understand the patterns and themes that are playing out in their lives.

Client Online Session Experience

What to Expect from Your session?

Hypnosis is not sleep; it is a state of focused awareness. During the experience, you will remain fully conscious and aware, and you will typically remember most of what occurs. It is common for individuals to feel as though they are imagining things during hypnosis, as imagination is a vital aspect of accessing information from the subconscious.

If you are somnambulistic and have difficulty remembering the session, a recording will be essential. The recording will be sent to you via email, and you may choose to share it with others, but it is not recommended to post it online.

This powerful practice has the potential to release negative energy patterns and emotional blockages that may be hindering you from achieving further spiritual growth. Beyond Quantum Healing is a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of you, enabling you to embark on a journey toward wholeness and self-exploration. It is essential to note that the healing process can only occur if you are receptive to it and if it aligns with the purpose of your lifetime.

Please note that people with epilepsy, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia should consult their physician before undergoing hypnosis.

Possible Experiences or Outcomes