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Beyond Quantum Healing Online Session


About BQH

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) gives way to the belief that all healing and answers come from within, and that true healing is self-healing. This powerful modality of spiritual hypnosis is based on the principle that healing is a remembrance of the soul’s journey and the purpose of this life. It guides individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and to move past old patterns and habits, leading to emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

A BQH session is a powerful way to connect with your true nature as an eternal soul and to begin the process of releasing negative energy patterns from the physical and spiritual bodies. The session will focus on freedom, flexibility, and creativity, resulting in unique experiences tailored to each individual’s needs and questions. The ultimate goal of BQH is to create a conscious link with one’s Higher Self and to bring about profound healing through the use of source-light energy.

If you seek a deeper spiritual awakening or answers to your life-changing questions, Beyond Quantum Healing may be the right path for you. It is a powerful tool for real inner transformation that allows you to tap into your own inner wisdom and to heal from within.

Quantum Healing Online

Online | 3- 4 hours  | €300

Quantum Healing sessions are conducted online via Zoom, making them accessible to clients regardless of their location. This digital platform allows us to bridge long distances, offering a comfortable and convenient option for clients.

Quantum Healing Extension| 3 Hours | €200

 Let’s continue your metaphysical journey with an 2.5 -hour session. Unearth profound insights within your soul. Reach out to schedule. 

Intuitive Guidance ​

1. Pre-hypnosis Conversation

60 Min

I will take the time to understand you and what you are looking to change or learn. During our pre-session discussion, we will talk about your areas of focus and clarify any questions you may have. I will provide more in-depth information about the process, and we will set your intention for the session. I will also answer any additional questions you may have about the session and offer tips to help you easily enter a trance state.

This technique involves inducing an individual into a relaxed state of trance through visualization. The state is similar to the moments just before you wake up or just before you fall asleep, which are experienced twice daily.

Intuitive Guidance ​

2. Consciousness Exploration

120 min

I will guide you into a state of relaxation, allowing you to explore and communicate with different levels of your subconscious. This may include experiencing past lives, future lives, or this current life, as well as the ethereal or spiritual realm. During this state, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your Higher Self and Guides, loved ones who have passed, and the source of all that is. This is where you can access healing and guidance to make the changes you desire in your life.

Additionally, your Higher Self may conduct a body scan to provide further healing and help you understand the origin of any blockages or issues you may have.

Intuitive Guidance ​

3.Post-hypnosis Conversation

30 min

You may choose to share your experience and receive feedback, and we can have a conversation to further explore the session if you wish.

The hypnotic portion of the session will be recorded, and it’s recommended that you listen to it frequently to reinforce the healing and remember the soul’s journey. The recording will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Please note that the length of the session may vary slightly depending on the individual needs of each client.

A Journey Through Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond  Quantum Healing can take individuals on a journey through their past lives, parallel lives, and even prior to their birth. This journey can bring about a greater understanding of their life’s purpose and why they chose to come to earth.

For instance, the person may access the Akashic Records, a spiritual library that holds all experiences and knowledge from every soul throughout time. Here, they may receive information about their soul’s journey and why they chose to come to earth. They may also discover agreements or contracts made with other souls prior to their birth that impact their current life.

The individual may also journey through parallel lives, exploring different versions of themselves and the experiences they’ve had. This can help them gain a broader perspective on their life experiences and understand the patterns and themes that are playing out in their lives.

Additionally, they may travel back to a time before they were born, connecting with the source of their being and exploring the infinite possibilities of the quantum realm. This can bring a deeper understanding of their life purpose and the reason why they chose to come to earth.

Client Online Session Experience

What to Expect from Your session?

By exploring other aspects of ourselves through visits to past, present, or parallel lives, we can gain a profound understanding of who we are, as our perception widens. This exploration may also enable us to experience emotions that we need, including love, joy, and healing, as we revisit experiences. As we venture into the quantum realm, we may come across symbols, images, or beings that hold significance for us, offering additional insight into our experiences

Hypnosis is not sleep; it is a state of focused awareness. During the experience, you will remain fully conscious and aware, and you will typically remember most of what occurs. It is common for individuals to feel as though they are imagining things during hypnosis, as imagination is a vital aspect of accessing information from the subconscious.

If you are somnambulistic and have difficulty remembering the session, a recording will be essential. The recording will be sent to you via email, and you may choose to share it with others, but it is not recommended to post it online.

This powerful practice has the potential to release negative energy patterns and emotional blockages that may be hindering you from achieving further spiritual growth. Beyond Quantum Healing is a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of you, enabling you to embark on a journey toward wholeness and self-exploration. It is essential to note that the healing process can only occur if you are receptive to it and if it aligns with the purpose of your lifetime.

Please note that people with epilepsy, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia should consult their physician before undergoing hypnosis.

Exploring Beyond Quantum Healing:
A Spiritual Look

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