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About Biba

Specializing in Soul Immersion
Biba Logan Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner

Greetings and a warm embrace to you. I am Biba, your guide on this transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. My exploration of consciousness began in early childhood. An extraordinary encounter with otherworldly phenomena at the age of eight profoundly shifted my understanding of reality, igniting a lifelong passion for uncovering the multi-dimensional aspects of existence. This early experience spurred me to delve into the complexities of our universe, guiding my communication and engagement with it.

Over decades of exploration and research, I have found that the truest truth is that everything we need resides within us—all the resources, healing, and growth. My journey with hypnosis was a pivotal tool in this discovery, offering a direct path to access the deep wells of wisdom, healing, and insights. Hypnosis is organic and natural. Through this gentle, loving, and safe modality, I have been able to assist others in navigating their internal landscapes and gaining a deeper understanding of their lives and experiences.

In my practice, I employ quantum healing to work with individuals who are open to exploring their multi-dimensional selves. This means engaging with their spiritual self—the part that remembers and holds the answers they seek. By doing this, we empower individuals to reclaim their sovereignty and assert their rightful place as sovereign souls in this universal exploration. I use hypnosis to facilitate a connection to one’s higher self and over-soul, allowing for a guided exploration of the unknown. This process has consistently shown that the answers we seek are often found in realms we least understand, accessible through the quiet guidance received in sessions.

Many people carry traumas they are not even aware of. I employ a specific modality called introspective hypnosis to help release the emotional charge from old memories and patterns that still play out in the background. This approach is gentle and nurturing, focusing less on soul exploration and more on a deep cleansing of the inner world, allowing individuals to move forward unencumbered. Through my work, I am committed to helping others discover and embrace their multi-dimensional nature, empowering them to navigate this life with insight and purpose.

What is Spiritual Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a captivating journey to the deepest parts of your soul, an expedition that elevates you beyond the ordinary frequencies that inundate our planet daily. This powerful state is not about losing consciousness; it’s about gaining access to higher realms of awareness. As you enter hypnosis, you transcend the noise and distractions of the everyday world. By raising your own vibrational frequency, you unlock doors to higher realms, tapping into a wealth of knowledge and insights that lie within your subconscious.

Forget the old myths of hypnosis as a state of sleep or a loss of control. In reality, it’s a dynamic state of heightened awareness. You are not just awake; you are more alert and in command than ever, navigating through the layers of your own psyche with precision. This heightened awareness allows you to explore the enigmatic depths of your inner self, uncovering hidden truths and forgotten wisdom. Hypnosis is your “gateway” to rediscovery and empowerment, a thrilling exploration of the mind that reveals the extraordinary capabilities nestled within you.

If you are interested in this transformative experience, I strongly advise you to engage in visualization meditations prior to your session. Visualization meditation is a powerful preparatory practice that helps you activate your inner vision and sharpen your focus. Spend a few weeks on this practice to condition your mind and spirit, making you more receptive to the profound journey ahead.

Training Systems​

Biba’s Journey into Spiritual Hypnosis 

Biba Logan is more than a practitioner; she has devoted her life to exploring the vast realms within the Quantum Field and consciousness. Her insatiable quest for wisdom and mastery has driven her to become a skilled Spiritual Hypnosis practitioner across various modalities. Biba has honed her craft through rigorous training at the industry’s leading institutions. 

At the forefront of her training ,Biba is certification as a Level 2 practitioner by Dolores Cannon‘s esteemed School of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). This certification marks her as a torchbearer of Dolores Cannon’s ground breaking technique, renowned for its unique approach to hypnosis and its remarkable healing applications.

Biba is a certified Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner under the tutelage of Candace Craw-Goldman, the visionary creator of BQH Quantum Healers. This modern and innovative healing modality merges spiritual hypnotherapy with energy healing, representing the vanguard of spiritual and holistic wellness.

Biba trained with Yvonne Smith, a renowned expert in hypnotherapy and trauma for 33 years , specializing in individuals who have experienced extra-terrestrial encounters, abduction experiences, and PTSD. This comprehensive training equips me with the necessary skills to support and assist those who have undergone such unique and often challenging experiences.

Biba’s journey into Introspective Hypnosis was further enhanced through guidance from two distinguished luminaries in the field: Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman. Their mentorship has not only enriched her understanding but has also become an integral part of the transformative experiences she offers through Regression Hypnotherapy Learning from these pioneers has given Biba a unique perspective and an array of tools.