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Quantum Healing
 With Biba Logan
Intuitive Consultation

Quantum Healing

"Biba created a profoundly safe space for me to share my life and journey so far. This is not something everyone is able to do – and certainly not to this level. Biba most definitely stands out in this regard among practitioners I have encountered on my extensive healing journey. Biba's approach is gentle, professional, experienced, and divinely holding. Biba has a unique ability to gently guide these sessions which takes experience, intuition, and time to cultivate. As a practitioner myself I can see how Biba and her work really stands out."
New EARTH and Ascension
Jenni Moss​

Biba Logan

Your Co Pilot

Biba Logan

Your Co Pilot

A Message From Biba

Welcome to the Alchemy Portal, where I serve as a spiritual catalyst to assist you in accessing the divine wisdom that resides within. As we find ourselves in a new dawn of transformation, it is no coincidence that you have arrived here seeking guidance. You may sense that something significant is occurring, yet struggle to comprehend it fully. Rest assured, you are correct in your intuition that it is time to rise up and embrace the light of infinite wisdom that is you!

As we collectively evolve our consciousness, it is time to reclaim our inherent power as our own guides and masters. The Great Ascension is upon us, and I am here to guide you towards the light of your essence, which holds the key to all the information you need to become who you are meant to be.

My services are designed to help you access your inner compass and embrace the spiritual awakening that is occurring globally. This is a time of immense change, where we can transcend the limitations of our physical being and enter into higher vibrational timelines.

While the notion may seem mystical, it is rooted in the deep truth that each of us holds the power to heal and liberate ourselves. If you are ready to dive deep and believe in your own capacity for growth and freedom, I eagerly await the chance to work alongside you. Together, let us dismantle the constraints of ancient programming and expand our perspectives, elevating our consciousness to truly savour the richness of life.

My services encompass both online and in-person sessions, each possessing equivalent effectiveness due to the nature of the high-frequency energy work involved, which transcends the limitations of space and time.

Your Ascension Coach 


Services Offered

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)®

A Beyond Quantum Healing session is a profound expedition into the vast expanse of your consciousness. As you embark on this journey, you may encounter memories of past lives or even glimpse into possible future lives, while also reaching the point of origin, where all creation begins, the Unified field. In the presence of your Higher Self, and guided by your spirit guides, you may have the opportunity to commune with passed loved ones, who will offer their insight and guidance. This is a realm of boundless possibility, where the answers to the deepest questions of your soul can be found, and where the healing you seek can be fully realized. It is a place where you can gain access to the transformative guidance necessary to make the changes you seek in your life.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT)®

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® is an extraordinary gateway to the profound wisdom and power of the soul. Through this powerful tool, one is able to tap into the boundless expanse of the Higher Self, the Oversoul, the Superconscious. With QHHT®, individuals are granted the rare opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of their present reality, and the reasons behind its creation, thus enabling them to effect transformative change within themselves. QHHT® is not just a mere journey into the past lives, it’s a transcendental voyage into the essence of one’s being, the Pure Awareness, and all that one truly is.

Intuitive Guidance ​

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